Turners Subscription is changing the way we access cars by providing more freedom and flexibility than traditional car ownership. Our story is important to anyone who owns a car, maybe buying a car (their first or next) and the whole of the automotive industry.

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Jeremy Rooke

About Turners Subscription

Turners Subscription is a flexible monthly car subscription service that provides you with the freedom to drive the car you want, now at a fixed monthly fee. Choose from a range of vehicles from hatchbacks and sedans to SUVs. There are no upfront fees or long term contracts and registration, servicing and maintenance are included as part of your subscription fee. Start, change or stop your subscription at any time. It’s more car, less hassle. Join today, drive tomorrow. Simple.

About Turners Automotive Group

Turners Automotive Group (formerly Turners Limited) has been formed through the 2014 merge of New Zealand’s largest vehicle and machinery retailer, Turners Auctions, and leading consumer finance and insurance business, Dorchester Pacific.

Dorchester was incorporated on 27 September 1984 as Venture Pacific Limited. The company became Dorchester Pacific Limited on 22 May 1992.

Over the following years, we developed a core financial service base through the acquisition of a number of finance companies throughout New Zealand. We refined our business focus divesting a range of non-core assets, and continued to grow through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions aligned to its strategy of a financial service company.

Today, we are an integrated automotive financial service group, primarily operating in the automotive sector, and provide strength in the three key areas of Automotive Retail, Finance and Insurance, and Debt Management Systems.