Who is Turners Subscription For?

Who is Turners Subscription For?2020-11-10T01:42:03+00:00

A ride to suit your lifestyle

After being stuck to the same car for a few years, it’s only normal if you start seeing yourself behind the wheel of a new one.

Always wondered what an EV was like? Never driven a SUV? Those Corollas look very cool. Need to impress a date? Go on a long road trip…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hop online and fulfill that dream within a matter of a few clicks?

With Turners Subscription, it’s like having a multi-car garage at your disposal – a hatchback for the daily commute and perhaps an SUV for the summer holidays. All possible from a simple fixed monthly subscription fee.


Turners Subscription for the “New Kids on the Block”

A car subscription is the perfect option for people who have recently relocated. It is a much simpler, quicker and cost-effective option to get into a car with Turners Subscription, as there are no leases or finance application processes, negotiations and car dealer visits that you have to grind through and you won’t have to fork out a large amount of cash to buy a car outright either.

You’ll be busy making new friends, checking out your new suburb, working out the best way to commute to work and finding new things to do on the weekend.

Dealing with major changes like relocation is never easy so don’t be forced into making a long term decision about a car. Start with a hassle-free Turners Subscription and have the opportunity to try as many cars as you like to see which one best suit your lifestyle.

Perhaps you want an SUV for your summer roadie or to tackle the winter roads? With Turners Subscription the choice is yours.


Turners Subscription for the Family

Families get the best of all worlds with a car subscription. Let’s face it, choosing a family car can be a testing time. Dad starts looking at something sporty and the kids need screens in the back, at which point Mum sensibly steps in with some practical thinking around safety and space. The car you buy ends up leaving everyone just a little bit less than satisfied. Cue tantrums… and that’s just Dad!

It’s impossible to tick all of the boxes, especially when you are committing into one car for the next 5 years or more. That commitment is harder to make when you have to consider if your family will grow, how to handle road-trips, and all of the associated costs like insurance, service and maintenance.

With Turners Subscription, you have choices and freedom. Change your car to suit your needs and wants at present. Drive a hatchback for the daily commute, upgrade to an SUV for the beach holiday and then Switch to a people mover when the extended family visits. A car from Turners Subscription can be any car you want it to be when you need it.


Turners Subscription for the Carefree

Still working on your plans for the future? With Turners Subscription, you don’t need to commit right now. A car subscription lets you get the car you want today, without the years of monthly repayments, surprise repair costs and increasing insurance costs. You won’t need a huge upfront deposit to buy a car either. You don’t need to make a decision about your future car today.

Choose the car that suits your needs or caters to your wants today and then in the future, Switch it again because, well, you can. You have the option to change, pause or stop your subscription when something new comes up, giving you the freedom to save or spend your money on the things that are important to you.